Our strategy

We want to be recognised as the leading UK construction and regeneration group and the supplier, partner and employer of choice.

To achieve these goals we focus on five strategic objectives, listed below.  
Win in targeted markets

We target markets that offer the best opportunity for growth and where we have a competitive advantage. This enables our divisions to build long-term relationships with clients. We use our specialist skills across the Group to meet our clients’ needs. 

Our culture, driven by our Perfect Delivery philosophy and our aim to provide a positive customer experience, contributes to our client relationships and helps us to secure repeat business.

We select suppliers with a similar outlook and approach and develop strong working relationships with those we trust to deliver.

We are also rigorous in selecting contracts that can provide the best potential for superior returns.

Develop and retain talented people

Talented people enable us to provide industry-leading performances and successfully deliver our strategy. We operate in a highly competitive industry and want to be recognised as the employer of choice.

Protecting our employees from the risk of injuries at work is a key priority for the Group and we ensure that robust health and safety procedures are put in place.

We also invest continuously in our people, arranging detailed personal and professional development programmes to enable them to succeed.

Our goal is to develop and retain our talent and ensure robust succession planning.

Disciplined use of capital

The Group maintains financial discipline through robust management of overheads, cash and working capital. Our approach to working with local authorities and landowners minimises the use of our own funds and avoids the need to purchase land on the open market.

We use opportunities to forward sell schemes when favourable opportunities arise.

Maximise efficiency of resources

Maximising efficiency is a strategic priority to drive profitability and ensure that benefits are shared with our stakeholders.  Resource efficiencies are achieved through initiatives that span the entire business. These initiatives include working collaboratively with a limited number of trusted suppliers and subcontractors, negotiating Group-wide procurement agreements, optimising our business processes and support functions, and using advanced technology.

This approach enables us to minimise the risk of poor project delivery and manage change on projects.

In order to reduce the Group’s impact on carbon emissions and waste production we use KPIs across the business to monitor and manage these resources.

Pursuing innovation

Innovation is fundamental to winning work, adding value for our stakeholders and breaking down barriers to success. Our divisions are empowered to make decisions in response to their respective markets and business needs and our culture encourages individuals to think creatively. We want to attract innovators and motivate our people to convert their ideas into valuable business benefits. 

Innovation is also about streamlining our internal processes and support functions to drive effi­ciencies and sustain the growth of the business.