Major shareholders

The following information has been disclosed to the Company under the FCA’s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules (DTR 5), in respect of notifiable interests in the voting rights in the Company’s issued share capital:

Name of holder
No. of shares
% holding
Direct/indirect holding
John Morgan
4,504,352 10.09%
JO Hambro Capital Management Group Ltd
10.04% Indirect
Franklin Templeton Institutional, LLC
4,466,523 9.99%
Ameriprise Financial Inc 2,627,969 5.93%  Indirect 
JP Morgan Asset Management Holdings Inc 2,310,035 5.17% Indirect
Standard Life Investments (Holdings) Limited 2,369,090 5.30%  Indirect
Aberdeen Asset Managers Ltd
2,221,947 4.97%
John James Clifford Lovell
1,715,273 3.96%